Phaedra Records

New Year, New Band! 
After collaborating throughout the second half of 2013, we are thrilled to announce that glam rock powerhouse Black Hi-Lighter has officially come on board with the Phaedra family! 

Fronted by the larger-than-life James Poulos, the four piece group of master musicians are what you really mean when you say 'Rock n Roll.' Black Hi-Lighter's relentless rock anthems are met with an emotional richness that begs comparison to Bowie, Queen, and the full list of the genre's legends. Poulos' immediately identifiable croon is backed up perfectly with Grammy winner Eric Liljestrand's shredding guitar and Dave Wright's massive bass lines. Rhythm veteran Mark Reback pulls it all together with unyielding percussion. 

The band's self-released debut album, 'Bite the Bullet,' was met with widespread critical acclaim--from SoCal music blogs to UK radio play. The phrase 'something to watch out for,' was used  to the point of hilarity. Take one listen, though, and you understand why. 

Written by Michael Lewis — January 12, 2014